Volume 36 Issue 3
May  2016
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YAN Fengchan, REN Zhipeng, WAN Weixing, LIU Libo, LONG Zhiyong. Longitudinal Variations of Total Ion Density in the Topside Ionosphere[J]. Journal of Space Science, 2016, 36(3): 287-296. doi: 10.11728/cjss2016.03.287
Citation: YAN Fengchan, REN Zhipeng, WAN Weixing, LIU Libo, LONG Zhiyong. Longitudinal Variations of Total Ion Density in the Topside Ionosphere[J]. Journal of Space Science, 2016, 36(3): 287-296. doi: 10.11728/cjss2016.03.287

Longitudinal Variations of Total Ion Density in the Topside Ionosphere

doi: 10.11728/cjss2016.03.287
  • Received Date: 2015-04-10
  • Rev Recd Date: 2016-03-31
  • Publish Date: 2016-05-15
  • Based on DMSP F13 Satellite observations from 1996 to 2005,the seasonal,geomagnetic latitude and solar cycle variations of the total ion density in the sunset topside ionosphere at middle and low latitudes are investigated.Results indicate that the longitudinal variation of the total ion density is obviously different between the low latitudes and the middle latitudes.Annual components of longitude structures seasonal variations are dominated at most latitudes,and these longitudinal structures show latitudinal dependence:relative strength of mid-latitude wavenumber-one structure in the southern hemisphere are much greater than that in the northern hemisphere;the hemispheric asymmetry of wavenumber-two structure is remarkable at middle and low latitudes;wavenumberthree structure and wavenumber-four structure are both much more dominant in the low latitudes than in the middle latitudes.Besides,contributions of different wave structures to total ion density are also examined:wavenumber-one structure is dominant at southern middle latitudes,and in the northern winter,the region around 15°N is mainly controlled by wavenumber-two structure. Wavenumber-three structure and wavenumber-four structure only prevail at low latitudes.Contributions of different wave structures change with solar cycle variations.


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