Volume 37 Issue 4
Jul.  2017
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DAI Qiaolian, CHEN Li. L2 Back-stepping Control Based on Disturbance Observer for Space Robot under Dead-zone Effect[J]. Journal of Space Science, 2017, 37(4): 499-506. doi: 10.11728/cjss2017.04.499
Citation: DAI Qiaolian, CHEN Li. L2 Back-stepping Control Based on Disturbance Observer for Space Robot under Dead-zone Effect[J]. Journal of Space Science, 2017, 37(4): 499-506. doi: 10.11728/cjss2017.04.499

L2 Back-stepping Control Based on Disturbance Observer for Space Robot under Dead-zone Effect

doi: 10.11728/cjss2017.04.499
  • Received Date: 2016-04-24
  • Rev Recd Date: 2017-03-06
  • Publish Date: 2017-07-15
  • The trajectory tracking control problem of space robot system with uncontrolled base is discussed. Considering the existence of uncertain parameter and unknown dead-zone in the space robot, an L2 back-stepping control scheme based on the disturbance observer is proposed. Firstly, the dynamic model of system in inertia space is established by the combination of the second Lagrange method and Jacobi matrix. Then, the disturbance observer is used to observe and compensate the model error, and the observer error is eliminated by the method of L2 disturbance suppression. Meanwhile, a fuzzy compensator is used to compensate the bad effect caused by dead-zone. The control scheme doesn't need to know the accurate inertia parameters and linearly parameterize the dynamic model. Moreover, it is not necessary to estimate the upper bound of system uncertainties and the dead-zone parameters, which simplifies the system control. A planar space robot with two links is simulated to verify the feasibility of the control scheme.


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