1988 Vol. 8, No. 2

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Atmosphere Models of Coronal Hole Network
Zhou Ai-hua, Fan Da-xiong, Lin Chun-mei, Wang Jian-min
1988, 8(2): 81-90. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.081
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Energy balance models of the chromosphere-corona transition region are computed for a segment of coronal hole assuming a nonradial magnetic field geometry.The energy fluxes considered include radiation,conduction,convection and mechanical wave (e.g.Alfven waves) heating.The calculated results show that the temperature T is about 60% lower,the electron density N is twice smaller and the thickness of the transition region is four times larger in the coronal hole network than in those the quiet region.This atmosphere model can satisfactorily explain the emission measure distribution obtained from the EUV observations for T>105K.In addition it is also found that the Alfven wave heating at the base of the transition region of coronal hole may exceed the heat conduction.The convection energy losses could be important in coronal hole atmosphere due to the wave momentum deposition.In the transition region at the heights greater than 650 km above the base of the transition region the convection energy losses may gradually exceed the radiation energy losses.
The Magnetic Field Configurations Associated With the Interplanetary High Density Structures
Zhang Gong-liang
1988, 8(2): 91-98. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.091
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The magnetic field configurations associated with the interplanetary high density structures are analyzed statistically in this paper by the superposed epoch method.The results obtained show that an average increase of about 10 degrees is observed in the inclination angle of the interplanetary magnetic field vector from the ecliptic plane.Such an increase can neither be attributed to the interplanetary streams interaction nor the inclination and wrinkle of the current sheets.Instead,it is likely that the increase would be a kind of magnetic field configuration carried by the non-steady high-density solar-wind streams.Behind the high density structures,the deviations of magnetic field vectors in the ecliptic plane from the Parker's spiral line of force are related to the high speed streams or sector boundaries.The field components parallel to the spiral line of force increase behind the high density structures when associated with the high speed streams or the sector boundaries,and,as a result,the field vectors in the ecliptic plane lie closer to the spiral line of force.
The Distribution of the Ionospheric Conductivity, the Morphology of the Convection Reversal and the Feature of Birkeland Currents (Model Analysis)
Zi Min-yun
1988, 8(2): 99-107. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.099
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The effect of the distribution of ionospheric conductivity and the morphology of the convection reversal on the feature of Birkeland currents is discussed by means of simple models.It is shown: the region 1 field-aligned current is the basic one and connected closely by with the convection reversal;the region 2 field-aligned current,on the other hand,is caused by the shielding of the convection field,or by the decrease of the ionospheric conductivity.The variation of the ionospheric conductivity can also cause the production of the so-called zero region field-aligned current poleward to the region 1 current,and the reverse current equator-ward to the region 2 current.The analysis also demonstrates that the current distribution connected with the rotation reversal is different from that connected with the shear reversal.The paper presented may contribute a little understanding of the complex feature of Birkeland current.It may also interpret the different distribution of field-aligned currents under same condition of the interplanetary magnetic field.
Planetary Waves in the Lower Ionosphere Over the Mid-and Low Latitude Regions in China
Ruan Xue-qin, Zhang Xun-xie
1988, 8(2): 108-115. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.108
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In this paper,spectra of observed ionospheric absorption data of radio waves for five years were analysed and its comparison with events of stratospheric warmings was made.Some preliminary conclusions of the results are: (1) the effects of stratospheric warming in polar regions on the mid-and low latitudes absorption through planetary wave propagation take 5 to 9 days;(2) in winter,the meridional velocity of planetary wave is between 10 m/s and 15m/s;(3) planetary waves at periods of 32,18,10,8 and 2 days appear for any seasons of the year.They affect the coefficient of atmospheric turbulences.A calculation showed that the deviation of NO density in the mesosphere from its original value by planetary disturbances can be up to 40%.
Characteristics of the Otoliths Responses of Cats with Plugged Semicircular Canal Under Linear Acceleration
Pei Jing-chen, Yan Yi-ai, Wang Yu-qing, Li Xiu-wen
1988, 8(2): 116-121. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.116
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Responsive characteristics of vestibulo-ocular reflex,vestibulo-spinal reflex and postural equilibrium of cats under linear acceleration,before and after plugged semicircular canal operation were studied.After bilateral canal plugged,no significant changes of power spectra and relative gain of otoliths-ocular reflex were found,and similar responsive patterns of H wave of spinal reflex under different linear acceleration were appeared.After unilateral canal plugged vestibulo-ocular reflex showed a significantly asymmetry and changes of H wave were not related with linear acceleration.It was that asymmetry of canal function impacted significantly on symmetric functions of otoliths.The causes of space vestibular dysfunction were discussed.It was suggested that the potention asymmetry of otoliths and semicircular canal function would be the primary factor of space vestibular dysfunction.
Results and Analysis of Infrared Photometry and Spectrophotometry for the Halley's Comet
Gao Heng, Chen Pei-sheng, Cheng Yan-kang
1988, 8(2): 122-127. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.122
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From Mar.25-Apr.3 of 1986 some observations of Halley's Comet in the near infrared region ware made at Yunnan Observatory.The instrument used in the observations was an infrared photometer-spectrophotometer with J,H,and K standard filters and a CVF 1.3-2.6 Urn,Δλ/λ=2%).From results in the J,H and K bands it is clear that all infrared magnitudes of Halley's Comet were going to be faint during the period of observed time.Combined with our previous,data in the observations of Halley's Comet by the photoelectric photometry,it could be considered that this was the result of an outburst in the Comet perhaps just before infrared observation time.From results of the CVF observation in the 1.3-2.6μm it is obvious that some emissions at 1.4,1.9 and beyond 2.6μm appeared during observations.It seems that the emissions at 1.4 and 1.9μm came from H2O and other possibly came from OH.
The Motion of the Crest of the Equatorial Ionospheric Anomaly Near 120°E
Song Li, Gu Shi-fen
1988, 8(2): 128-132. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.128
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The paper investigates the variation of the foF2 of five ionospheric stations in the northern hemisphere near 120°E.The motion rules of the equatorial anomaly's northern crest is found as follows: (1) The time sector from sunrise to "the sun right overhead",the crest is in equatorward motion,in the afternoon it moves back toward the pole.(2) The reverse time of the crest motion depends on the smallest zenith angle and on solar cycle.(3) The poleward motion is dominated mainly by ionization's transport processes,the equatorward motion is dominated mainly by the photo-ionizadon processes.(4) The position of the northern crest ionospheric equatorial anomaly near 120°E is on Hainan in the morning,nearly on Guangzhou in the afternoon.
Differences of Spread-F at Haikou and Huancayo
Han Fu-fen, Huang Chang-li
1988, 8(2): 133-137. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.133
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In this paper,the local time,seasonal and solar cycle variations of frequency spread-F at Haikou during years of maximum and minimum sunspots are studied.Comparing frequency spread-F at Haikou with frequency spread-F at Huancayo,it is found that differences of frequency spread-F at two stations are obvious.During maximum sunspot years,the occurrence of frequency spread-F is maximum between 2000-2100 LT at Haikou and at 0000 LT at Huancayo.During minimum sunspot years,the occurrence of frequency spread-F reaches a rather flat peak between 2300-0400 LT at Haikou and reaches a peak at 0000 LT at Huancayo.For seasonal variation,the occurrence of frequency spread-F at Haikou is maximum during equinoxes in maximum sunspot years and during summer solstice in minimum sunspot years,the occurrence of frequency spread-F at Huancayo is maximum during the winter solstice in both maximum and minimum sunspot years.
LSTID Measured by the Technique of the HF Backscattering Sounder
Zhang Xiu-ju, Jiao Pei-nan, Jiang Bing-wu
1988, 8(2): 138-144. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.138
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In this paper,large-scale traveling ionospheric disturbances (LSTID) measured by the technique of the pulse Doppler phase array rader are described and a method for the analysis of LSTID are given,which are used to calculate the typical events of LSTID and to obtain their characteristic parameters.In the investigation,some morphological features of LSTID are shown by the corrugated model.
The Frequency Prediction by Oblique lonogram
Zhao De-lin
1988, 8(2): 145-149. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.145
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In this paper,experimental results are analysed for HF sweep-frequency backscatter and oblique transmission passing through the ionosphere.The quasi-real-time frequency prediction has been obtained by (P-f) ionogram.Frequency prediction table is given.Several important parameters of the ionosphere can be provided,such as LOF,MOF,MUF and effects of Es etc.The window of optimum operating frequency is given.Both backscatter and oblique ionogram,to be measured together,are discussed.This frequency prediction method can correct long or short term prediction,which is calculated by vertical sounding data,because the former was a quasi-real-time frequency prediction for a fixed communication line.
The Variations of the Atmospheric Ozone Content During Geomagnetic Storms at Middle and Low Latitude Regions
Ye Zong-hai, Xue Shun-sheng
1988, 8(2): 150-158. doi: 10.11728/cjss1988.02.150
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The relationship between the variations of atmospheric ozone content and geomagnetic storms from 1966 to 1983 is studied in this paper.The results show that the variations of atmospheric ozone content during various types of geomagnetic storms are obvious,but their characteristic is different.The minimum of [O3] decrease occurs on the sixth day after geomagnetic storms during GC storms.The minimum of [O3] decrease occurs on the third day or the fourth day during S1 storms.The disturbance of [O3] is the most obvious during SA storms of Sc storms and the minimum of [O3] decrease occurs on the first day;the minimum of [O3] decrease occurs on the second day during SB storms;the minimum of [O3] decrease also occurs on the second day during SD and Sd storms,but the minimum of [O3] decrease occurs on zero day during Sb storm.The disturbance amplitudes of [O3] are descending in order during SA,SB,SD,Sd and Sb storms.But the increases of [O3] are obvious on the day before each type of geomagnetic storms occurs.