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Chinese Journal of Space Science (CJSS) is a comprehensive academic journal cosponsored by National Space Science Center, CAS (formerly Center for Space Science and Applied Research, CAS) and Chinese Society of Space Research and published and distributed by the Science Press. Standing at the leading edge of space science, CJSS is active in presenting new discoveries, new creations, new insights, new theories and new methods in this domain, show the progresses and levels of space science, boost academic exchange and prompt the development of space science.

We accept manuscripts written all in English. For Chinese manuscripts, writing an English abstract is very crucial. The English abstract is not required to be translated word for word from the Chinese version, and it can be in greater detail while the length is from 300 to 400 words. Make sure that the right terms are used in the abstract.

1. How to contribute

Please submit your manuscript online to our network editing system (

2. What we accept

(1) Academic papers that are innovative in theory and/or application; research letters that represent the current leading level; comprehensive reviews on a theory or technology; academic developments in space science and technology.

(2) Manuscripts must give prominent focuses, concise expression, accurate citations and data, and clear graphics. They must indicate the author’s name, affiliation, city and postal code, a summary of content and keywords, and the source of funding for the research presented.

(3) Quantities and units must be in accordance with the Chinese national standard, 《Quantities and Units》.

(4) All references cited must be published books or articles. Citations must follow the “comprehensive, timely, representative, impartial” principle. Please pay attention to the quality of the references and cite domestic and overseas research outputs in a proper proportion.

(5) Words, figures, tables and values contained in the manuscript must not involve any state secrets. Manuscripts or works must pass the confidentiality review by the confidentiality review department of the author’s organization before they can be submitted to us. Any confidentiality issues will be at the cost and risk of the author.

(6) Please download the paper template in Word at the Download Center of our website (

3. How we review

We evaluate and accept manuscripts on the principle of fairness and justice. Manuscripts are preliminarily reviewed by the editorial office, chief editor/deputy chief editor, peer-reviewed (by 2 or more peer reviewers) and finally reviewed by the deputy chief editor and chief editor.

4. Manuscript query

Upon receipt of your manuscript, the editorial office will assign a registration number to it. Please log into the Author Contributions of our website office system to track the process of the submitted manuscript or call the editorial office for any doubts.

5. Matters for attention 

(1) Please read and comply with the “Authors’ Responsibilities” section of the Publication Ethics of our website ( before submitting manuscripts to avoid academic misconduct.

(2) No particular format is required for manuscripts during submission and revision as long as they are suitable for peer reading, to avoid unnecessary waste of the author’s time.

(3) A License Agreement must be signed and uploaded on the website after a manuscript is accepted and before it is published. The template of the License Agreement is available at the Download Center of our website ( Please note that the title, author and author’s affiliation will not be changed once the paper is accepted.

(4) Publishing fee. To support open access (OA) publishing, the manuscript will be charged an article processing Charge (APC). The specific amount is as same as the traditional publication fee before CJSS publication method transformed from traditional to OA publishing, namely: 300 RMB yuan per page; the color page fee is charged separately, 800 RMB yuan per color page, is capped at 2 pages.

6. Contact information of the editorial office

Mail address: Editorial Office of Chinese Journal of Space Science, P. O. Box 8701, Beijing100190

Office address: No. 1 Nanertiao, Zhongguancun, Haidian District, Beijing (Room 532, North Building, National Space Science Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Tel.: 86-010-62582788


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