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Please read the “For Authors” instruction in the column of “Publication Ethic” carefully, and make sure that the authors have known and approved all the statements before contribution.

Submission Requirements

Manuscripts are encouraged to be submitted from the “Author Center” button on the top-left of the web homepage. If you have no existing registration account in this website, please register for an account first. (If you already have an existing registration of any role (Author, Reviewer, or Editor) in this system, please do not register again). After register, you can log in from “Author Center”. Once logged in, you will be able to submit to our journal, or track the process of a submitted manuscript.

The manuscript should be provided in Microsoft Word and should include the following items: Title, Author(s), All authors' affiliations, Abstract, Key words (about 3-5 words), Text (with tables and pictures directly inserted in), Acknowledgements (optional) and References. Attached with the manuscript are the correspondence author’s complete address, E-mail, phone number and the project funds’ information (optional).

Publication Requirements (after being accepted)

1) Firstly, please revise the manuscript referring to the peer reviewers’ opinions conscientiously.

2) Elaborate on the English abstract. Please write the English abstract informatively in concise and grammatically correct sentences. The abstract should summarize the major elements of the task aim, methods, results, discussion and conclusions, etc.

3) Each figure and table in the text should be addressed with a title (For manuscripts written in Chinese, corresponding English titles are required). The picture file suffix could be .jpg, .pcx, .tif, .eps, .bmp, etc. Lines and contours in the picture should be clear and distinguishable. Symbols and abbreviations presented in the figure should all be in English.

4) Cite reference in the text by number and not by name and date of publication. Authors are expected to proofread each citation for their reference list to check the spellings, symbols, italics and subscripts/superscripts, and make sure the references are canonical with regular formats. Examples for references are listed as follows.


[1] SANDERSON R T.  Chemical Bond and Bond Energies [M]. New York: Academic Press, 1992: 23-30

[2] LIU Zhenxing. Space Physics [M]. Harbin: Harbin Institute of Technology Press, 2005

[3] SHANG Sheping, SHI Jiankui, GUO Shanjian, et al. Ionospheric scintillation monitoring and preliminary statistic analysis over Hainan region [J]. Chin. J. Space Sci., 2005, 25(1): 23-28

[4] SALLABERGER C S, MIDDLETON J A. Canadian space robotic development for planetary exploration[C]//Proceedings of the 4th International Conference and Exposition on Robotics for Challenging Situations and Environments-Robotics 2000. Denver: American Society of Civil Engineers, 2000: 63-69

[5] World Health Organization. Factors regulating the immune response [R]. Geneva: WHO, 1970

[6] CALMS R B. Infrared Spectroscopic Studies on Solid Oxygen [D]. Berkeley: University of California, 1965

[7] Online Computer Library Center, Inc. History of OCLC [OL]. [2000-01-08].

Review Process

The manuscript submitted to CJSS would be reviewed by the editorial office first to check the scope and submission requirements. After that, each paper will be reviewed by at least two peer reviewers. If major revision is asked for by one of the reviewers, the manuscript would be returned to the contributors for revision and then reviewed again. When controversial points exist, a third referee review is needed. After peer-reviewing, manuscripts would be presented to the Deputy Editor-in-Chief and Editor-in-Chief sequentially for final decision. The strict peer-reviewing process can guarantee the quality of the manuscript contributing to CJSS.

Publication Fees

Corresponding authors will be assessed a per page charge of ¥200.

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